Limited space, complicated shape – perfect for WrapTec.

WrapTec can be cut to size and corrected on site easily. That is why installation was much easier and quicker than for common types of cladding. Although the system has very many sensors and valves, there was no need for complicated measurements, and wrapping took just 8 hours to complete. In this particular case the material costs were also cut significantly compared to those for metal cladding.

WrapTec - No measurements
WrapTec - No measurements
Project size, volume Approx. 14 m² (size of one distribution substation)
Place, country Fløng, Denmark
Context District heating grid with several distribution substations in the ground
Application Complex system with numerous branches and outputs
Influence of ambient conditions Very little influence as the distribution substation is enclosed.
Insulating material Lamella mat made of mineral wool with vapour barrier