Salt, water and moisture normally cause corrosion. Normally.

On the open sea, the conditions are extreme for any material. The threat of corrosion and ingress of moisture were key factors behind the decision to install WrapTec. Because WrapTec is 100 % watertight, UV-resistant and extremely resilient, its advantages over a conventional metal solution are especially significant in this context.

WrapTec - Maritime Applications
WrapTec - Maritime Applications
WrapTec - Maritime Applications
Project size, volume 5 m2
Place, country Hals Barre, Denmark
Context On the open sea, approx. 5 km off the east coast of Denmark
Application Insulation of a connecting line for a solar thermal system used in heating water
Influence of ambient conditions Maritime application: heavy exposure; in strong winds spray and waves can also reach the system
Insulating material Mineral wool